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up to 12 hours of effective warming relief from muscular aches & pains
£3.10 Ex. VAT
Direct to Skin Heat Pads can be applied directly to the skin for targeted heat therapy
£3.10 Ex. VAT
Gentle reminder in 26 different languages. Custom Voice recording via SD card. Adjustable audio volume. LED flashing light to highlight sanitiser
Specially designed to apply direct to forehead
£2.35 Ex. VAT
Lip Care Cold Sore Patches have been specially formulated to help protect and heal your cold sore.
£2.35 Ex. VAT
Cools, soothes and relaxes muscular and joint aches and can be used after sport or exercise.
£1.45 Ex. VAT
visible results after 1-2 weeks and prevents re-infection without the need for plasters.
£4.95 Ex. VAT
Glucosamine gel is a topical application for the joints. Non Sticky and Non Greasy Ingredients
£4.05 Ex. VAT
Nasal Inhaler with menthol, camphor, wintergreen oil & eucalyptus oil to help with clear cool breathing.
£2.25 Ex. VAT
Warms, soothes and refreshes tired muscles and can be used after sport or exercise.  
£1.45 Ex. VAT
Vapour Rub is a cooling refreshing ointment with a pleasant aroma of camphor
£3.35 Ex. VAT
Derma V10 lip balms are specially designed to help moisturise dry lips and protect them from the elements.
£1.99 Ex. VAT
gives you visible results in 2 weeks and helps to prevent re-infection.
£4.95 Ex. VAT

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