Sterile Dressings

Designed for use by first aiders, paramedics, and emergency service personnel, these sterile dressings are flow wrapped for quick and easy
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Standard dressings most familiar to first aiders in the workplace for many years as part of earlier HSE kits, this range
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Extra large dressing for all major injuries. Size: 30cm x 45cm.
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Allows absorbency into the pad with low adhesion to the wound. Secure with tape. Soft, comfortable and conformable. aids healing protects
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No.16 Eye pad dressing, shaped and designed to encase the eye socket. Protect from infection Sterile dressing Stretchy conforming bandage or
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Low adherent finger dressing pad secured with stretch bandage and adhesive strip. Suitable for catering Easy self- application Aids healing when
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Soft, comfortable while flexible dressing. These adhesive dressings are designed for sensitive skin, with their Low-allergy and breathable material ideal and gentle
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