Eye Care

Safety Goggles designed to protect the users eyes, keeping them safe from debris, particles, fluids and chemicals. Manufactured using a strong
£5.50 Ex. VAT
These safety glasses protect the users eye, shielding them from particulates, water or chemicals. manufactured from strong polycarbonate lightweight ventilated clear
£5.30 Ex. VAT
Station for Eye Pods
£14.95 Ex. VAT
Eyewash 250ml Bottle
£2.65 Ex. VAT
500ml Bottle Suitable for boxed first aid kits. Sodium Chloride 0.9%w/v pH.Eur
£3.25 Ex. VAT
Sterile saline eye wash A topical, sterile eye wash solution containing Sodium Chloride BP 0.9{1814b856fe9d22a316aab751bcd111647619a94d38cfba49313569d513d64370} w/v in purified water BP 500ml
£3.35 Ex. VAT
Eyewash Station Eyewash Station The double eyewash station is small and versatile in a traditional economic green box with translucent door for easy stock checking. Providing fast and effective treatment for eye injuries in the workplace or home, meeting guidelines given by the Health & Safety Executive. Wall mountable enclosed cabinet includes two 500ml eyewash bottle and two No. 16 eye pads
Wall Cabinet Station Contents 1  Bracket 2 Dressings, Eye Pad 2 Eye Wash, Bottles 500ml
£15.95 Ex. VAT
Wall mountable Station
£16.95 Ex. VAT
Meets EN166 Standards (tested by Bsi) The face shield effectively isolates saliva, it is waterproof and dustproof Anti-pollution hat, sand dustproof
£1.25 Ex. VAT
No.16 Eye pad dressing, shaped and designed to encase the eye socket. Protect from infection Sterile dressing Stretchy conforming bandage or
£0.70 Ex. VAT
The sterile water for irrigation is a topical solution that comes in a polyethylene pour bottle.
£2.55 Ex. VAT

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