Burns Treatment

First Aid Kit for Burns Contents 2 Burn Dressings, 5 x 15cm 4 Burn Dressings, 10 x 10cm 1 Burn Gel,
£22.95 Ex. VAT
Burn Gel is a water based hydrogel especially formulated to soothe and cool burns and scalds. The sterile gel gets to
£3.95 Ex. VAT
Burns First Aid Kit Contents: 3 Bandages, Conforming 7.5cm x 4m 1 Burn Gel, Bottle 125ml 8 Burn Gel, Sachets 3.5g
£19.95 Ex. VAT
Emergency first aid burn dressing, relieves pain, cools & comforts, helps prevent contamination and is non-adherent.
£0.45 Ex. VAT
Latest in burn dressing technology. Provides moist cooling whilst protecting minor burns. Cooling gel lets the wound heal faster. Reduces risk
£13.50 Ex. VAT

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