This respiratory protective device is designed for evacuation in case of an emergency involving weaponized chemical and biological agents. The CHEMBAYO
£118.11 Ex. VAT
A certified personal respiratory protective device intended for evacuation in emergency situations involving smoke and hazardous fumes. The COGO provides users
£133.71 Ex. VAT
Worlds’s Loudest Whistle SPL up to 142dB 8x louder than a common whistle 2 mile usable range all-weather construction Unique radial
£19.99 Ex. VAT
The KIMI mask is designed to provide users with short-term respiratory protection during situations involving chemical spills and chemical warfare. Its
£122.57 Ex. VAT
The KIMI PLUS provides users with short term respiratory protection in scenarios such as chemical spills and chemical warfare, with relatively
£129.00 Ex. VAT
A highly compact personal respiratory protective device, intended for self-rescue during emergency situations involving smoke and hazardous fumes. The MASKITO provides
£89.14 Ex. VAT
Protective Face Shield A face shield is one of the most effective personal protection products used all over the especially for
£4.95 Ex. VAT
Meets EN166 Standards (tested by Bsi) The face shield effectively isolates saliva, it is waterproof and dustproof Anti-pollution hat, sand dustproof
£1.25 Ex. VAT
It is difficult to defend yourself effectively in cramped conditions, since there is simply not enough space to draw back or
£110.00 Ex. VAT

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